Wednesday Weigh In - End of Week 7

It has been really good week so far. All of my clothes keep getting looser every day, have I bought new clothes? Nope not yet , Really can’t see spending money on clothes that just won’t fit in two weeks.  So I just keep cinching the belt, my starting belt didn’t have any more hole in it so I sent to the thrift store, my current belt I am in to it 3 notches with 2 left to go. Then I might have to buy….another belt. LOL

My body and eating transformations are so encouraging to me. Just to know that what I am doing is really making the difference in my life. I am finding new foods that I really never thought I would ever in a million years try to eat, but have found that many of them, if cooked and seasoned right, actually taste really good. We have been trying new things like fish and different whole grains. The biggest challenge is not to get bored with your food. When we try to eat healthy, you can find yourself thinking “not this again” and that is when you fall and revert back to your old ways. Keeping meals fresh and new is a great way to keeping you on track to make your weight and fitness goals.

Starting Weight: 304.2

Week 1: 300.2 -4.0 lbs

Week 2: 299.8 -0.40 lbs.

Week 3: 296.0 -3.8 lbs

Week 4: 294.0 -2.0 lbs

Week 5: 291.0 -3.0 lbs

Week 6: 287.9 -3.1 lbs 

Week 7 286.0 -1.9 lbs Current Weight

Total Weight Loss: -18.20 lbs.

Just for the record the Guns -n- Roses T-Shirt is brand new bought it when they came through Salt Lake City. I couldn’t wear it then but I sure can wear it now.

Have a great week everyone.


Posted 2 years ago


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