Weighing In, Week 7

Starting weight = 160.2

Week 1 = 156.25 (-4 pounds)

Week 2 = 155.0 (-1.25 pounds)

Week 3 = 155.5 (+0.5 pounds)

Week 4 = No weight taken

Week 5 = 156.0 (+0.5)

Week 6 = 152.0 (-4 pounds)

Weight Loss to Date = -7.8 pounds

Weigh-in day makes me nervous.  There’s an expectation (and a hope) that the numbers on the scale will go down.  You can wish for those numbers to go down, but in order for it to actually happen, you have to do the work — with exercise and nutrition.

There are a couple of things that I want to work on these next couple weeks — both can be done with nutrition AND exercise.  The first is planning — planning meals, and planning workouts.

Planning Meals: We usually go to the grocery store, as a family, on Saturday mornings, which means I try to have, at a minimum, a weekly dinner menu planned by Friday evening.  This is not an easy process for me; I wish it was, but it’s not.  I get overwhelmed with recipe options, wanting to try new things, and wanting to keep things simple and quick to make.

Planning Workouts: I don’t have to worry about this too much.  The personal trainer makes this easy twice/week.  But, I still want to have a plan of action before I walk into the gym.  I need to be mindful, however, with my cardio workouts for the next week-and-a-half, as my next race (a half-marathon) is in 10 days.

The second thing is writing things down — writing down what I eat, writing down my workouts.

Food Journal: I am terrible at keeping track of what I eat.  I don’t like measuring food; I don’t like counting calories.  I don’t want to do these things.  At a minimum, however, I need to keep track of my food throughout the week.  I have found a weekly printable food journal that I am hoping will work for me.

Fitness Journal: A journal can be a very important fitness tool.  By writing things down, and then looking back at past workouts, you don’t have to second guess or cheat yourself out on your training.  Did 12 reps of an exercise with 10 lbs last time?  Increase the weight next time.  This also helps you see the progress as you increase weights and reps.


Posted 2 years ago


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