Workout on 3/23

Beautiful day here in coastal jersey - 70+ degrees and sunny - so to start this beautiful day,  AJ had some things in store.  We went outside and did the workout -  started off w/ a jog up hill away from Golds,  to the middle of the Manasquan Rt 35 Bridge, then back to Golds - I’m not a runner,  but actually am starting to enjoy this (yes, you could say there is something wrong w/ me).    From there,  went into  pushing the weighted sled 4 45lb plates,  pulling another sled w/ 3 45lb plates -  did this for 4 sets - Feeling good - wind is getting better as well.   Next phase was lifting the 350lb tire in a deadlift and pushing it forward - 5 lifts out, 5 lifts back.  after this,  went to another tire w/ a sledge hammer and hit it w/ an overhead smash 40  times (20 per arm).  definitely gets the heart rate up and winded -  did this 3x.   The #’s,  BMI now down to 25.3%, so again seeing movement.  Didn’t take other measurements other than weight - which is now 304.  


Posted 2 years ago


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