Weighing In, Week 6

Since my last official weigh-in two weeks ago, I had to miss two personal training sessions (one due to a sick child, one due to me being sick).  Whatever sickness I had really knocked me down for a solid 10 days; it took a lot out of me, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, as well.

Even though I met with my trainer last Thursday, I question whether or not I really should have been there.  I took the weekend to fully recover and rest from being sick.

So, time to face the music:

Starting weight = 160.2

Week 1 = 156.25 (-4 pounds)

Week 2 = 155.0 (-1.25 pounds)

Week 3 = 155.5 (+0.5 pounds)

Week 4 = No weight taken

Week 5 = 156.0 (+0.5)

Total weight loss to date = -4.2

I’m frustrated with the numbers on the scale.  BUT, this journey isn’t just about the numbers.  It is so much more.

In part of my rest and recovery this past weekend, I made some poor food choices; what I came to realize, however, is that I don’t really enjoy eating those foods anymore.  I didn’t get the pleasure out of those “sinful treats” like I used to.  I am now at a point where I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something really good when my husband and boys eat Girl Scout cookies or Dairy Queen Dilly Bars!!!

I was also put in a situation over the weekend where I had to go out to eat.  Small town bars/restaurants are not exactly diet-friendly places.  As it is, I don’t eat out very often, and through this journey, I’m finding that I like eating out less and less.

I felt so much better going into today’s workout with my trainer.  Maybe not quite at 100%, but definitely 98%.  I’m looking forward to our next workout — feeling 100% and ready to ramp up the workouts another notch.


Posted 2 years ago


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