3/13 & 3/16 workouts

went old school w/ the workouts this week -  beautiful day here @ coastal Jersey on wednesday so did everything outside -  deadlift of the truck tire,  pushing the weighted sled,  jogging, incline pushups,  burpees,  squats,  lunges - felt good - lots of energy - so this equated to a good workout.

Friday’s workout was body squats, body rows,  burpees,  slams,  lunges  weighted push ups -  which is p/u’s with a 45lb plate on my back.  Then we did something interesting w/ the kettlebells - stacked up 4 45lb plates on each side ~ 2 feet apart -  I stood on them and used the heavy kb in a dead lift movement - also stretching out my hamstrings, and lower back -  felt great seeing improvements:   weight is down by another 2 lbs,  important measurements are up / down -   chest is up 5”,  hips, thigh, waist all the same,  but most importantly - BMI is down to 26% from 33%  today is st. patricks day - so happy holidays to those who believe in the leprechaun -   staying away from the corned beef ,  cabbage and especially the green beer.     Enjoy your weekend!!!!      


Posted 2 years ago


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