Recovery & Stretching

by Chris L     

     This week we received our supplements from Met-Rx®. I am sure many of you might think that those big giant bottles of protein are just for the body builders and are only used for generating massive muscles. 

     I’ve come to find out that protein supplements help in many different ways. I have a pre-workout formula - MET-Rx® Protein Revolution - which increases energy, strength, power and recovery during intense workouts. It has a good flavor and is really easy to drink before my workout.

     After my workout I have a post workout shake - MET-Rx® Ultramyosyn® Whey Isolate. This helps with lean muscle and exercise recovery.

Two things I have learned on my Journey:

  1. Recovery – you must supply your body with the proper nutrients that will help your muscles become lean and help develop your body so you can challenge yourself each workout.
  2. Stretching – A stretching routine after workouts will help increase your flexibility and range of motion.  Most important to me is that it also eliminates the lactic acid that builds up and contributes to sore muscles.  

     Sore muscles are usually a sore subject (no pun intended!) when you first start on a new fitness journey. I have found out that with proper recovery of your muscles and taking the time to stretch you can reduce the discomfort that we all dread. The aches and pains sometimes prevent us from wanting to go back to the gym, but that is exactly what you should do. The sooner you get back to Gold’s Gym the better you will feel.

Thanks MetRx® for your support in our Journey.


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Posted 2 years ago


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