Weigh-In Results

by Danielle A.

It’s a frustrating place to be when you know you’ve worked hard all week in the gym and paid attention to your caloric intake but it’s not reflected on the scale. I lost nothing this week. The old me (pre-“Show Us Your Journey" days) would have taken this disappointing information and scarfed some empty calories in the form of a few double cheeseburgers. The fact that I don’t even want to do that anymore blows my mind (in a good way, of course). Instead, I chose to grab some almond milk and make a chocolate-peanut butter cup Met-RX shake for breakfast. I didn’t lose anything this week but I’ve gained everything! Gold’s Gym has given me my life back. The free membership is awesome, the trainers are fabulous, the Xbox Kinect is a blast, but this whole experience has given me more than the tangible things I’ve just mentioned. Those who are truly overweight understand what it means to lose hope, but this has experience has given that back to me. I now look forward to each day. I don’t feel like a prisoner in my body anymore, because I’m fighting my way out. I did BOSU push-ups today and made my trainer proud, but more importantly, I was proud. I’m moving forwards every day and getting that much closer to my ultimate goal: to be healthy.

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Posted 2 years ago


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