It keeps getting better! 11.5 inches lost!

After measurements and weigh-ins today, one word automatically came to my mind … “FINALLY!” I finally lost some weight. Okay, so I know by now that it is not all about the scale or the numbers it displays. I know that I have shed fat and gained muscle over the past three weeks. Yet despite my new found knowledge, I was thrilled that I lost three pounds. I was completely focused on the scale and the fact that I had now hit 175 pounds. I lost three pounds since last week and it felt great! I think that our weight becomes ingrained in us to be the determining factor whether we are healthy or not. It is time to retrain our way of thinking. There are more determining factors to our health than just the numbers that are on the scale.

Do you know what five pounds of fat looks like? Demetrius showed me and it was unbelievable. So, go online and see what it really looks like. This is what you rid your body of when you work out, eat right, build muscle and begin to live a healthy lifestyle.

Are you ready to see the numbers from this week’s measurements? Well, here you go! Inch by inch I am slimming down and toning up.  I have lost a total of 11.5 inches! Day by day I am making smarter decisions and working towards living a healthier life.

Have a great week and be sure to check back on Friday for new photos and information on my new supplements from Met-RX. =)


Posted 2 years ago


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